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Shoreditch, London

My best friend Jill and I decided to do London on a budget. We got an Airbnb in the trendy, east-end district of Shoreditch. (Note to self: do more research before staying in a 21 y/o flat in a hip area)

Favorite place we ate: Boxpark Shoreditch

It is basically like a giant breezeway rooftop filled with so many different kinds of food. I was in heaven. There was so much to choose from but we opted for the vegan choice that looked amazing and tasted just as well. —> Cookdaily

Next up. Find a local show. Bribe the door girl to get us in even though it’s sold out. Discover new amazing artist. CHECK. His name is Dennis Lloyd and he’s an Israeli multi instrumentalist with a sick voice and an anthemic sound. You can check out his music here. —>

It was a quick trip but we enjoyed the local touristy activities on a major time crunch. At least Jilly got to see the changing of the guards! Also made her “boudoir up” for me. (ya know, like “suit up”. Barney Stinson. Nevermind)

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