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Take pictures of your gorgeous friend in a Rose Gold car? Okayyyyyy.

My dad has been collecting cars for years and I never thought to implement them into any sessions I’ve done because I’m an absolute dope.

We shot the majority of these in Fountain Hills at the CopperWynd Resort. Which is super gorge and they are majorly chill there. And spoiler alert: Fountain Hills isn’t as lame as we all thought.

Was that only me? Oops.

No really though, it has it’s beauty and there’s a random taco cart there that is muy delicioso. And I’m sorry but I don’t even know if it has a name. That exclusive.

For now, feast your eyes on beautiful Sara.

I will admit I love experimenting with different edits and I think even after years I still tend to change my style up. But who says its a crime?

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