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Rome: The most beautiful place to stuff your face

This was my first trip to Rome, Italy. It is basically everything they say it is. Cobblestone everywhere (don’t wear stilettos), a cafe/restaurant on every corner and in every alleyway, architecture that is so old and beautiful you feel like a newborn baby, and LOADS of pasta and wine. There are tons of “buskers”, but they are not beat boxing or singing to a karaoke track…they’re playing a symphony on a cello or violin. Seriously.

Thankfully, I remembered my camera this time. We did a few typical tourist things like eating lunch in front of the Pantheon, taking the audio tour of the Colosseum, and of course the Vatican (side note, I am so gullible, Aron said I needed my passport to get into the Vatican because it was a different country. How did I pass high school?). But the honest to god best part was just eating and drinking amazing wine. You literally can get perfectly fresh pasta anywhere, even the “tourist style” restaurants.

Our favorite white wine was Pecorino, which oddly I had never had before. It’s super crisp and citrusy.

Our favorite red was from the Montepulciano grape. Aptly named Montepulciano. It’s full bodied, fruity, and chocolate-y? YUM.

Rome is a total city of love. Can be a bit cringe worthy if you’re not into that romanticism. We actually did a bike ride around a park and there were couples on every bench having full on make out sessions. One of them even let me snap a few.

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