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Daios Cove in Crete, Greece

This was the trip of a lifetime. Not only did I eat like a little piggy (and squealed getting so excited about actually picking out my food) but we enjoyed so much that this resort and that Crete had to offer.

This trip was extra meaningful because we got to bring along Aron’s grandma and grandad. They thoroughly enjoyed it! Grandad got to put as much butter on his bread as he could get his hands on and Grandma Elaine listened to her salsa music while floating in the Osh with her fav noodle. I however wasn’t so chill when we got into open water because SHARKS.

PSA: There has literally NEVER been a shark attack in Crete and no one should ever be afraid to swim in open water there but I’m a huge loser and I don’t want to die.

Daios Cove is the absolute dream. Who wouldn’t want their own pool outside their hotel room?

—–> Daios Cove

He always has ice cream…

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